Game of Thrones Sansa Cosplay Guide?

  •     Whether you are a mere fan or a role-playing fan, you may have dreamed of vividly reproducing your favorite characters.If you have played too many Marvel movie characters, game characters or cartoon characters, you may wish to turn your attention to the field of TV dramas, such as the game of power.Since the launch of the power game, it has been highly sought after with its thrilling plot and vivid characters.
        If you want to be different and like beautiful clothes, hope that Sansa can bring you a different feeling.She is not necessarily very hot but she is amazing.As one of the two goddesses of power games, Sansa also won a lot of fans.
        Sansa is the eldest daughter of the Duke of the Winter City, Ed Stark, with a noble lady's style. She wanted to be a lady from a young age, unlike her sister Aria Stark. The name of the ice wolf is called a lady (has been killed). It was once the fiancée of Joffrey Baratheon and was replaced by Margaret Tellier. After his father died, he became a hostage of the king, and he was abused. He was rescued by the little finger on the day of the poisoning of the wedding in Jover, and became a tool for the little finger. After that, he and Jon Snow won the Winter City and became the youngest queen in the Winter City. Was forced to marry the "little devil" Tyrion Lannister and "small skinning" Rams Burton .
        If you start to be a bit tempted to cosplay Sansha, then the next introduction to Sansa's cosplay costume, I hope to help you a bit.
        The vest is made of black composite leather and black spandex leather. The leather is not too soft, and there is a feeling of being very capable. It is very consistent with the style of Santa’s Queen.
        Black dress
        The black long skirt is made of linen material, simple and generous, you can buy it very easily in the general store, even if it is not specially sold cosplay costume.Don't underestimate this ordinary long skirt, it can make the overall integrity of the garment
        The cloak is the strongest and most expensive place for the whole garment, avoiding the clothes being too monotonous and adding a layering. The collar is a thick white frost. In winter, it is absolutely warm and looks very atmospheric. You can get it on the collar of some cotton clothes.But you need to be careful that it is difficult to clean the dirt on the fur collar. You need to buy a targeted cleaner.
        Gloves and belt
        This seems to be an essential part of every cosplay and the easiest thing to find alternatives.If you want to match this body harmoniously, I suggest you check out our website:
        Metal chain
        Unlike the necklaces commonly used for cosplay, it has a more sense of design. Like the pocket watch worn by the Chinese National Warlords, it is more retro and will not be very awkward in the entire costume.
        Enjoy the fantastic Sansa cosplay with the upcoming comics occasions, and don't be dissatisfied with the lack of important things, because they are the bottom line before you show off.I also hope that at the end of the day, the role played by Sansa will not only bring you exhaustion, but also more surprises.