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Nothing will be adI meanded

  • The edition that is MVP. There is too much significance for me in it as a MUT participant and it is too advantageous NOT to do if you're a regular MUT player. Like, forget online for Mut 21 coins a minute. Having to get my coin stack ready to grab up those elites that are large that undersell because no one has completed solos to put on a coin stack is TOO great. Starting nice off early can really carry out you during the year. But aside from that, $30-50 in packs likely couldn't net you something greater than a full Lamar, up his power, 17 opportunities at someone like Tyreek/Mahomes, and training (that is at its most valuable at the start). I mean. ideally you should not go online at the beginning. Use those 3 times and get a coin pile.

    Ever since I spent a lot of time and millions im gonna get madden calendar year. However if I get it in launch or wait until the fall if its cheaper, im getting the standard, normal game. Im done giving EA any extra money for Madden 21 until they actually change their approach. MVP infant. You know you're gonna be dissatisfied but cover up. Not gonna leave perks and easy packs on the table. If you can't afford an additional $20 why are you on this sub when you should be on the corner. I really don't think not wanting to spend an extra $40 for virtual things means you should be holding a cardboard sign up.

    What could actually be inserted into Madden 21 Franchise mode

    Nothing will be added. That's about it, although there might be a few bug fixes. The sole reason I say that is because all Madden 21 engineers (perhaps not the developers( but engineers) will probably be dedicated to eliminating bugs found in the Beta and from testers. And finishing off the product ships. It won't be till a couple weeks into Madden 21's release that the engineers will be free to implement any features that may or may not get developed during this time. Think of how Superstar KO did not come until September.

    Thats interesting. u bring up celebrity KO and im wondering. When they gave as much dedication to franchise mode as they did for superstar KO last year then we can see BIG improvements. perhaps we can observe the scouting overhaul or the coordinators be added like individuals want because whenever they can add an whole new game mode during the cycle of madden 20 then they should have the ability to add FEATURES in another game style right? Perhaps im sense but im very stressed that by September people wont care as much and we will still be at square 1.

    All 6 of those points are great to include and I will be honest they will need to add way more then that to make Franchise what it was I just drama with franchise and ill say its not enjoy any of those old maddens and they simply keep removing things until it got into the bare bone. Its sad that idiotic ultimate team makes much cash they don't need to do a thing to the other manners in madden and superstar KO was something else. I do not even buy the brand new maddens I play with the previous ones that I purchase game play and images matter to many but if you want a true Franchise play the old ones like madden 05 or Espn soccer 2k5. They provide in my opinion and thats exactly what EA should stored is those amazing features others had. The fact I can't see that which team my participant played for cheap Madden 21 coins when I look at stats pisses me off. I have a sense madden 21 will offer the crap it did.