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This entire dynamic is completely gone in OSRS

  • And on a different note, clue rewards will be devalued because there are clues coming into RuneScape. They are hardly worth doing as is, and even with a limitation of five or so it's still enough to make an impact. Leagues was exceptional because all the steps were guaranteed to be in one little field of RuneScape. I mean shifting gear is annoying and teleporting outside, but it doesn't take that long. I don't believe doing each hint when they fall would take that more than rescuing them up until the close of RuneScape gold the job and doing them. The real advantage has been able to do each of the measures in Zeah. I have serious doubts that having the ability to carry two elites or three hards simultaneously would be game-breaking.

    I've got two that appear to catch me a great deal of shit once I discuss them. The death mechanisms in RuneScape are completely neutered (such as after this update) and fly in the face of the soul of rs2. Rs2 was a dangerous game. Death was constantly in the back of your head, your death that is possible as well as the possible deaths of other players. Because you might get free shit, seeing somebody running around on low hp was a massive adrenaline rush. Hell, virtually every event could turn around and kill your ass while you were afk. The danger of death generated a very intriguing meta-dynamic throughout the whole game where any time you're doing something remotely dangerous, you needed to make a determination regarding how much gear you wished to bring together, to strike the right balance between speed (due to good/expensive equipment ) and hazard and your own level of skill and confidence.

    This entire dynamic is completely gone in OSRS, and I have never quite understood why a community who is frequently so discriminated against change (sometimes without even any fantastic reason) seems so broadly accepting of such a fundamental change to the spirit of RuneScape. The way passing worked in RuneScape was a thing which set it apart from other MMOs of it's time, such as WoW. People often put their interests above the health and longevity of RuneScape when voting in polls. We will need to allow Jagex upgrade and include items to RuneScape. Big updates would be an early game like OSRS's lifeblood. There are some important"off limits" areas for this particular community, in which it seems like it is nearly impossible for Jagex to pass on an upgrade, including new skill(s), new training procedures, and fresh powerful items/gear.

    There is going to come a day where something must give and they'll have to add something such as a new ability, or"tier 80" things, or a new training way of your favorite 99 you already have that may be 7% quicker than it was when you did it. If we never let any of that stuff into RuneScape, it is only going to bleed players out and die down the street. There was a post about item sinks, the other evening, and that I had been downvoted for saying that death is the perfect thing spout if we make it to be. Letting individuals to Buy RS gold loot each others'material is open to abuse, however, death should be more punishing than it is.