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Which version of madden 21 will you be going with?

  • The very first part of Madden 21 will be people wanting to run on the meta of Mut 21 coins. No one knows what the meta will be so they will stick with the plays till they get phased out. I don't know if 3-4 bear or c4ds2 blitzes will get phased out but that I expect 1-4-6 to be one of the first things to go when people realize you could sub in tight ends in spread formations then audible down into deeper sets. Roll out corners are going to be around for a while until we figure out the best depth for the new zone falls to stop them and just how much variety those zones have. Folks will run stretch but it shouldn't be as effective and will eventually be phased out of this meta.

    Can you try using the corner routes to be covered by the drop zone missions? You can inform the zones where to play 16, if you go to coaching adjustments. You can have them return up to 30 yards iirc. I was able to use it in a couple instances and even though it managed to easily cover the corner and/or crossers, you were severely lacking in the underneaths. Unfortunately although I am sure there is a place there isn't a training way so I did not get to use it enough, to test it. The flats play down and could simply have the curls play and generate a mable policy to fix it. I really do like that inclusion a lot it is just gont require clinic and some studying to get the sweet spots.

    Which version of madden 21 will you be going with?

    It's that time of the year once I start deciding which model of madden I want to get. I try and tell myself to secure standard. Save the additional $30-$50, and use that on packs should I want to spend money. However, I end up shelling out the money to get the version that is best possible. Usually you can get the edition that is best cheaper if you've got ea devotion or accessibility. I'm on the fence. With the MVP variant you really do get a Lamar Jackson elite item, will that be his foundation elite? We'll find out soon. The quicksell is trendy and the 17 gold team dream packs are nothing crazy. But the selling point is going to be the 3 day early accessibility (and Lamar) that you can also get the with all the deluxe.

    However, you don't get Lamar together with the deluxe and you get 12 gold group dream packs instead of buy mut coins madden 21 17. Im undeceive because I am the MUT player that doesn't touch on the internet for a few weeks untill I've built up my team through solos and earned free players and coins. Therefore the"extras" you get day 1 can become of little use to me (besides Lamar Jackson if it is his base elite, he'll be good for a month, and also much more IF you can power him up). I am not positive if that is possible, however in the event that you can combine ea access with the in game madden reduction, you can possibly get the MVP edition to $80 about, which if that is true, I'll most likely get that.