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I ain't mad at ya at all lol

  • I am BF it freaked atrocious. The game felt centered off microtransactions. You receive nothing and can spend hundreds. You had been getting scraps so if you didn't spend a dime. BF was atrocious using the microtransactions, Madden is nowhere close on that degree. Hell has made it into the BF level. I agree with you but riddle me this; why is it that the largest upgrade I saw at Madden nfl 21 coins multiplayer last year was 3v3 for squads but you can not do 3v3 online franchise? It's clear what their intentions are. They reserve any invention for UT items that are associated although they can clearly do a little more. EA would like us playing UT and they are currently utilizing multiplayer capabilities to push that agenda whilst neglecting different modes when they clearly have the capabilities.

    To be honest and I understand there'll be but franchise players are the minority that is probably. I believe a small fraction of buyers are playing with franchise and that I feel the direction EA is moving or has moved is to appeal to the casual player and the Hardcore MUT players. And the easiest way to do so is with Modes such as the 3 additional modes, celebrity mode etc. Consider it, longtime lovers have complained about some thing yet Madden sells outdoing occasionally and 21 sells. You cater to players /attempt to draw players which brings interest to the true NFL Sport. The NFL large wigs are gonna love that idea and push madden to continue to go in that direction and maintain exclusivity.

    I truly would not be shocked if maddens entire business plan is to constantly driving new lovers to the NFL instead of keep long time madden players because let's be fair ( a great deal of long time players are now adults who only play Madden 21 ever so often so we will probably buy Madden 21 no matter ). Additionally the NFL has already made money off the Longterm madden players through the years, we have observed Madden 21s on television to maintain the television revenue up, some have bought the jerseys etc., so the deal between madden along with the NFL is to have drive new fans our way and they're doing that now with things like MUT, which is basically a popularity contest and the superstar style (play as DJ Khalid, Yachty, amigos etc now you're reaching for those guys fans who might not have played madden or even heard of it.

    You man. Personally, I like franchise mode and MUT. I bitch about UT but I'm also part of this problem in regards to franchise mode dying while UT takes off. My 2 best friends went difficult on squads last year and won a few Super Bowls together. It was a whole lot of fun. Then I sit back and realize that between us 3, all grownup IT professionals with no children, we probably spent north of $1,000 jointly to"improve" our expertise. I then go and try to play a solo experience in offline franchise like the old days and find out how fucking terrible rather than enjoyable it has become. I guess part of my disdain for UT is it did not have to come to this. I am sad and I feel bad that I helped bring to the demise of the legitimate simulation game that we all grew up loving. Honest to god pain in my heart and I regret what I have helped contribute to. EA played hard. I really don't regret the great times we had but I feel it ultimately ruined the product.

    I ain't mad at ya at all lol. I played MUT for two years 17-18 and built a 99 ovr group times without spending and putting a lot of hours into. Today I'm a parent myself so that time has cut short and when I buy madden it is only because me and my brothers all play with online and trash talk each other every weekend and honestly that is why I buy it every year as it keeps us in communicating with each other since we're in various states with families, kids etc. But do not be hard on your own. MUT Players aren't the reason Franchise has been bare and cheap mut coins madden 21 here is evidence: 2K has an UT known as myteam which is terribly worst than maddens from the microtransactions department.