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I personally like MUT

  • I really would not be surprised if maddens entire business plan is to continuously driving new fans to Mut 21 coins the NFL instead of keep long time madden players because let's be fair ( a lot of long time players are now adults that just play Madden 21 ever so often so we shall probably buy Madden 21 no matter ). Also the NFL has already made money off the Longterm madden players through time, we have watched Madden 21s on television to maintain the tv revenue up, some have bought the jerseys etc., so the deal between madden along with the NFL is to have drive new fans our way and they're doing that now with things like MUT, which is essentially a popularity contest and the celebrity style (play as DJ Khalid, Yachty, amigos etc now you're reaching for those guys fans who might not have played madden or even heard of it.

    You man. I personally like MUT and franchise mode. I bitch about UT but I'm also part of this problem in regards to franchise mode dying while UT takes off. Me and my 2 best friends went hard on squads last season and won several Super Bowls together. In all honesty, it was a whole lot of fun. Then I sit back and realize between us, all grownup IT professionals with no children, we probably spent north of $1,000 jointly to"enhance" our expertise. I then go and try to play a solo adventure in offline franchise like the old days and find out how fucking terrible and not fun it's become. I guess a part of my disdain for UT is that it didn't need to return to this. I am unhappy and I feel awful that I helped contribute to cheap mut coins madden 21 the passing of this true simulation game we all grew up enjoying. Honest to god pain within my heart and I regret what I've helped contribute to. EA played hard. I really don't regret the awesome times we had but that I feel it ultimately ruined the item.