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You don't care

  • Yes the pandemic will end, but the range of individuals committed and addicted to WOW Classic will rise as its moving on. Lastly, do nothing. I am with how the host health situations have been used for monetary gain, aghast. It was happening for many years with other variations of WOW Classic. And even though it wasn't necessarily meant to be used for wow classic gold financial gain it looks really bad from the chair I'm sitting in. I believe that the opportunities that have come Blizzard's way about recreating a 15 year-old game that this many people like have been squandered by the pursuit of gains and gross mismanagement.

    I understand some folks have had a great WOW Classic experience and I don't want to say anything to take that away. It has clearly been a success for Blizzard than anything they have released recently. I only wanted to give a little back story of my experience so far, and the glaring issue that's been beating me up for six months. It is greatly appreciated by me Should you read the whole thing.

    Wow not a lot of individuals are saying it... I guess I'll be the asshole. Incendius was near flawless before you and all of your host try-hards that are dead came over. We had a nearer and closer balance as time moved on and then we flipped into Alliance becoming dominant and what happened? Horde are getting griefed right and left and alliance begin flying by the ship load to the server. Literal against ToS efforts that have guild leaders under review are conducted because of scummy you transfers decided to be on the host.

    You don't care. You recruit and recruit and amuse WOW players such as a Walmart guild to make Incendius into your party that you can have some server control. Matters were great up until you decided to kill two servers. Take your $2500 and go spend some more. How to be a pioneer and help mend off a server instead of cheap wow gold classic piss and ruin another? A"humble" article on Reddit should not do you some good. You're not a martyr, you're a douche.