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EVE Is Preparing To Your Global Release Date

  • What about EVE Mobile ISK Online's market system? Is it possible to recreate this functionality on mobile? The current market is a very important part of eve Online, therefore we're currently attempting to recreate this experience that is core in EVE. In our game, players may exchange anything they can gather from this universe. But in EVE, we try to make it much more easy. We have interstellar trade centers or trade hubs. These trade hubs are dispersed across different areas of this world. To make things easier, we introduced a cooling program, so players can request a delivery or ship their items without needing to traverse the entire universe.

    Eve Online includes its own chronology. Where's your match on the timeline? Our story begins after a nova explosion in YC 116. As a result of the explosion, a parallel but independent universe appeared. That we agreed with CCP [developers of eve Online--Ed.]. Our story takes place in this world, therefore all events following the YC 116 explosion are totally different from EVE. However, the backstory, the part of the YC 116 history, is just like the one in eve Online.

    EVE came from a Chinese studio. The work style is similar. We are very happy to work together. Though I can share, there is an interesting story. The CCP team stated they wanted someone who sounded more older, when we had been trying to decide on the voice actors for our characters, but we wanted our characters to seem younger. So this is the kind of talks or arguments that could occur between our teams. We are learning from each other about the culture, the soul and the design experience.

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