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What kind of floor is suitable for the library floor?

  • The library is an organization that collects, arranges and collects books and materials for people to read and refer to. Is a very important public place, its internal environment is more and more concerned, and the ground material is an important part of it. The choice of floor directly affects the comfort and practicability of the whole space. We can see a word "quiet" in 100% of the libraries. To achieve this "quiet" character, people can not achieve it without speaking. The sound of people walking, the sound of chair moving when standing, the sound of falling objects can make the library into a symphony concert.

    1、 Library seats are limited, and some readers need a flexible, hygienic and comfortable floor. The library is fragile, afraid of water and fire. The south is wet, the north is dry, and easy to cause fire and water. Choosing a waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof floor is an important basic protection for books. In conclusion, PVC floor is the most suitable floor for library. The main raw material of PVC floor is PVC, which is environmental friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware, medical infusion tube bag, etc. PVC floor has a variety of classic colors to choose from, which enriches library floor decoration. There is a kind of "visual therapy" in medicine. The color of the floor is comfortable, which makes people more willing to stay for a long time.

    2、 Plastic floor has ordinary floor materials, which can't compare with sound absorption effect, so in the library that needs quiet, you don't need to worry about the sound of walking, the sound of chair moving when standing, and the knocking sound of falling objects affecting your thinking. After special anti-bacterial treatment, the surface of PVC elastic floor has strong ability to kill and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria to the vast majority of bacteria. In addition, it has good sealing performance after construction, and there is no place for bacteria to hide. PVC floor texture is soft, so it has good elasticity. It has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. Coiled material floor has soft texture and better elasticity. Its foot feeling is comfortable, which is called "soft gold of ground material". At the same time, PVC floor has strong impact resistance, which has strong elastic recovery for heavy impact damage, and will not cause damage.

    3、 Excellent PVC floor can minimize the damage to human body caused by the ground and disperse the impact on the foot. The latest research data show that after the excellent PVC floor is paved in the space with large flow of people, the rate of people falling and injured is reduced by nearly 70% compared with other floors. This has also brought a more comfortable reading environment to the readers without seats.