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Celebration of RuneScape

  • In the earlier RuneScape official website, it was revealed that the 20th-anniversary party will start in January, and it did start last week.

    The crater behind Lumbridge Castle is where fans celebrate RuneScape's 20th birthday. Ten percent extra XP rewards, and other buffs will attract players to the crater. Complete three small tasks with iconic characters to win special anniversary cakes, XP lights, and some other prizes. Remember to train your skills, ask the shrewd old man for your anniversary costume and cloak, and never worry about buying clothes without gold.

    In the game, some updates have been made. Fairylight's whips and necklaces will be your cosmetics. The arrangement of color books will be more conducive to your Broken House mission. The UI icons of space dust and meteorites will be more realistic and do not have to Miner Magnus has been chatting, and there is no need to be brought to the wrong place by the magic bell.

    This week is the event to celebrate the Celebration of Combat event. Without the cost of death, we don't have to think too much about any difficult missions, and the winning rate will increase a lot! Increase the sustainable time, and will not forget the reward increase. The number of rare drop tables has been reduced, but the chance of getting good loot has increased, and Slayer XP for all missions will increase by half. No death fee, will save you a lot of Old School Runescape Gold, right?

    Remember to nod and say hello to the golem, you will be invincible at the War's Retreat in the crater with the Elder Overload buff. After receiving the cloak last week, this week you can receive free souvenir equipment and souvenir hats.

    The Knight-themed rewards before the Christmas Ya Niu track will disappear on January 24, but Buy OSRS Gold on will accompany players throughout 2021.